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10 Ways to Lose an Opportunity During a Job Interview

Christie Miller | April 30, 2018

Phone Interview Tips

                Phone interviews are an integral step in the hiring process for many Human Resources departments, especially for companies with different divisions, like E.C. Barton & Company. Phone interviews are the next step to narrowing the field after receiving resumes. If you have made it to this step, congratulations your resume was likely informative and put your experience in a good light. The phone interview can be a make or break portion of the hiring process. It is your chance to shine while speaking to those who control desired positions. This is also the part of the hiring process where things can go wrong. Maintaining a professional manner during the phone interview can make a huge difference. Here are some things NOT to do during your phone interview. Yes, prepare to have some fun!

Answering the phone with “I’m not your baby daddy”. While this may seem funny, this is not the way to start your interview. When in the job market, treat every phone call as a potential employer. Also, be sure to answer every call when searching for a job. A recruiter does not wish to speak to your wife, mom, cousin, or any other person that is not you.

Don’t have someone feed you interview question answers while on the phone. Our team has great hearing and if you can hear it while on the interview, it is likely the recruiter can hear it too. We may ask the person providing your answers to apply!

Never state a bilingual status when this is not true. Knowing how to ask where is the bathroom in Spanish does not qualify. Many recruitment departments, including E.C. Barton & Companies, have bilingual recruiters on staff that will test your expertise in the chosen language.

Don’t take a phone interview as an opportunity to narrate your auto biography. Answering each question with 30-minute responses puts the recruiter behind for other scheduled interviews. Answer with detailed responses when appropriate, otherwise be direct and concise.

Don’t be preoccupied. Be sure to focus solely on the call at hand. Most recruiting departments will call to schedule a phone interview in advance which will allow time to find sitters and to have a quiet space for the call.

Any answer is better than “I don’t know”! Be prepared to have an answer to all questions to the best of your ability. Although honesty is appreciated and welcomed, having no response may raise flags about your ability to think on your feet.

Sharing that you did not realize that being on time and not missing work was really THAT important. Yes, believe it or not, being on time and present is an important part of any job.

Comedy Hour

Here are some of the real-life experiences our recruitment department has fielded which have caused the applicants to bomb their phone interview:

  • Telling the recruiter that you just want our job until your child support court case happens to lower your child support payment. That’s going to be a solid NO.
  • Calling your interviewer “Sweetheart”, “Honey”, or any other term of endearment. Use sir or ma’am!
  • Don’t over-exaggerate! If prompted for an example of good customer service, and you explain how you were immediately promoted, given a $100 tip, and a company vehicle for loading a refrigerator in to a customer’s car, you may be taking it a bit TOO far.
  • Sharing that you did not realize that being on time and not missing work was really THAT important. Yes, believe it or not, being on time and present is an important part of any job.

These are lighthearted suggestions and true experiences of how not to land the position that you desire. Be sure to review your resume for accuracy and any missing information before submitting.