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E.C. Barton & Company Launches New Website

Christie Miller | June 19, 2018

E.C. Barton & Company Website Home Page

This design enables users to easily navigate and find desired information about our organization, in a new mobile-friendly environment. This creates an efficient and informative resource for employees, job seekers and E.C. Barton vendors alike. The newly launched website includes many great resources like job listings, blogs, benefit info, and videos for customers, potential partners, and vendors.

Blogs Page of Website

Core Values

The following core values were chosen by the partners of E.C. Barton & Company as characteristics we desire to embody every day as we serve our customers, our fellow partners, and our local communities.




Team and Partnership


Family Oriented

Corporate Team

To truly know E.C. Barton & Company, you need to know our partners. The website enables job seekers, new employees and vendors to easily put a face to the name by visiting the “Our Team” portion of the website. Each profile provides a tidbit of fun information about each partner. At the end of the day, our team is made up of unique individuals, and we love to embrace their personalities! Job seekers can rest at ease that no matter their quirks, they can find a home within E.C. Barton & Company.


The heart of every company is the people. The career page provides a central location for job seekers to view open positions throughout all of E.C. Barton & Company’s brands in one place. Whether a job seeker, or a partner considering a new position, this portal provides an easy way to apply and learn more about the jobs currently available.


E.C. Barton & Company stands apart from other companies by providing some of the best benefits in the industry. The benefits page provides a comprehensive list of benefits available to partners including options of health, dental, vision, life insurance, front-loaded HRA and partner discounts. That’s right, update your home with the very materials you sell! Our organization is made up of partners, not employees. That is because we are a 100% employee owned company through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Website - Benefits Page

Future Store Sites

Is your town missing an E.C Barton & Company location? Submit your suggestion for a site location near you! The team is always looking to expand and provide quality products to more customers, why not near you? Let us know why you think this location is needed and the location you think is best for consideration!


E.C. Barton & Company is proud to provide our partner and job seekers with this updated website for easier use and efficiency. Have a site suggestion? Contact us.