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4 Reasons Why Military Related Employees are Great Hires

Whitney Williams | May 2, 2018

Many military families find the prospect of job hunting to be one of the most arduous parts of being a member of the military community. Constant PCS transfers makes stability for the family in the workplace something that is often out of reach for spouses, reservists, and even active duty looking for additional income.

According to the Military Officers Association of America, the active duty spouse unemployment rate is higher than 30%. This means that one in every four military spouses is either unemployed or underemployed. Blue Star Families reports that unemployment of military and veteran spouses combined is near 21%. Hiring Our Heroes found that unemployment and underemployment are major challenges for spouses of service members, of which 92% are female. Among military spouses who are employed, 14% of them are working in part-time jobs and half of that part-time group wants full-time work.

This is a disservice to our military families and something that E.C. Barton & Company strives to alleviate through military hires. We welcome all members of our military family to join the E.C. Barton & Company team at one of our 102 locations ranging from Texas to New York.


Numbers Don’t Lie

There are over 1.4 million military members currently serving our country, and over half are currently married. If one in four military spouses are unemployed or underemployed that leaves a significant number of workers in the United States untapped. Among these numbers there are thousands of qualified workers for positions throughout companies that can bring any business the competitive edge it needs.


These families have already proven their dedication to their country. It is not a far stretch to imagine these employees being dedicated to their positions with any company. Because of limited employment opportunities, these workers are motivated to maintain their employment.

Transfer to Different Locations

There is a saying among military families that goes, “Home is wherever the military sends us”. This is a fact of life for these families, but it should not be a hindrance on their ability to hold steady employment. E.C. Barton & Company has multiple locations which makes retaining these dedicated employees easy. Store to store transfers and working with team members to qualify for new positions within the company makes this possible. This creates a path of upward mobility for employees that often is not an option with transient living.

Possible Legislation to Incentivize Military Souse Hires

Members of Congress are attempting to pass legislation titled the, “Military Spouse Hiring Act”. This legislation works to ease the job search for military spouses by providing a tax credit. It offers an incentive to employers that extend their hiring process to military spouses through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Previously, this tax credit only encouraged employers to hire veterans and the long-term unemployed.

These are a few reasons why E.C. Barton & Company considers military family members when hiring for our locations. E.C. Barton & Company actively hires veterans, military spouses, and military family members in support of the sacrifices they have made on behalf of our country.