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Pro Tips for a No Experience Resume

Whitney Williams | May 1, 2018

Pro Tips for a No Experience Resume


As the saying goes, “we all have to start somewhere”. This is the case for many applicants at E.C. Barton & Company. Whether you are just entering the workforce, shifting careers into a new industry or diving back into a job after a long absence, creating a persuasive resume can be a daunting task. When someone has little experience, it can be difficult to “beef” up a resume to stand out against the sea of highly qualified applicants competing for the same job. Take some tips from recruiters who look at resumes for a living. Here is some of their advice to make your no experience resume stand out from the crowd!

Start with Your Skills

Maybe you don't have that long list of impressive corporations and job titles, but everyone has skills. What are you good at? Are you organized around the house? Do you spend time working with charitable organizations or within your church? Have you played a sport consistently since childhood? These are all qualities that show that you are dedicated and committed to something, even if it is not a job position.


Think Outside The Box

Sure, there may be minimal experience related to an actual job. That doesn’t mean you can’t highlight qualities that speak to your character. Have you done handyman or lawn work for a person? Mention this and ask if this person would be a character reference! Have you received awards or recognition for any type of service or certification? Let’s hear about it!

Be Specific

The resume may be low on line items, but be very specific with the information you provide. Note specific numbers, such as money raised, years of service, working on certain things, and any other information you can provide about the topic.


Bring Personality to the Resume

Is the resume still lacking? Add a section regarding interest & hobbies. List hobbies that you feel show your personality. For example, have you sailed for years or participated in college sports? Mention this!

Still Lacking? Volunteer

Picking up volunteer work to add to your resume is a smart way to update your recent experience in a way that not only benefits the organization, but your resume as well.

Take This Inspiration and Conquer the Job World!

Look for ways to shed a positive light on your skills. Remember that everyone lacked experience at one point, so think outside the box for ways you can showcase the great skills you can offer employers.

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