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Things NOT to Include On Your Resume

Christie Miller | May 4, 2018

Things NOT to Include On Your Resume

If you are entering the job market for the first time, looking for a new career, or a seasoned veteran of employment, job searching can be a stressful process. The first step in this process is submitting a quality resume. Providing the most accurate truthful documentation about your previous experience is of the utmost importance. While this may seem like common sense, there are many that submit inaccurate, weak, and sometimes outright crazy resumes. Here are some tips on what NOT to include on your future resume to most employers, including E.C. Barton & Company.

Incorrect Job History

Yes, this may seem obvious, but many try to elaborate on the truth or assume inaccuracies will not be investigated. In reality, the truth often comes out during the interview process. Recruiting professionals are proficient at analyzing interview responses compared to the resume submitted. If asked about information on our resume, your answer should not be “I’m not sure! That’s just what my friend told me to put down when they helped me with my resume.”.

Forgetting to Switch Cover Letters

This is often an innocent mistake, but providing a cover letter for a different position than what your application is being submitted for can fast-track your resume to the shredder! For example, if you’re applying for a building materials company, your objective should not be to obtain an executive leadership position at the world’s most well-known barber shop!

putting a selfie on a resume

Leave your Selfie Game at Home

A selfie beside your name, does not a good resume make. Save the selfies for your bestie and Instagram followers, not for job recruiters! Something that was cute on Snapchat will probably not translate well for your job search. Usually a visual representation is not needed for any employer during the hiring process, unless otherwise directed.

Blank or Incorrect Contact Info

                Again, this is often an innocent mistake. But, it is extremely difficult for recruiters to contact you regarding a position if the phone number and/or email are left blank or incorrect. Before submitting your resume, take a minute to review your contact info to ensure they will be able to reach you with ease.

Use a Professional Email

                At some point, everyone has had a questionable email address. But, those should be retired upon high school graduation. Swap your vanity emails for something more professional for job applications!

Comedy Hour Begins!

With over 100 store locations, E.C. Barton & Company’s recruiting department receives a wide variety of resumes. As discussed above, some mistakes are innocent, but often keep the applicant from receiving a job they are qualified for. Then, there are the downright funny and cr4azy. Here are some funny tips from the E.C. Barton & Company recruiting team.

  • Don’t use an email address that your ex has access to. While entertaining for the recruitment department, it never ends well for the applicant.
  • A paragraph detailing how a dog changed your life. Who doesn’t love dogs? But, this is not the time or place to share this story. Leave the puppy love at home unless you are applying for a Vet Clinic.
  • Questionable Employment: If you don’t wish for your Grandma or the Police to know about your previous employment and job experience, it is also best to leave that bit of information off your resume.
  • Illicit Language: Please leave the foul language out of your resume if you’d like to be considered.
  • Web Template Resumes: These can be helpful, but sending in a resume from John Smith at 123 Doe Street with your job experience will likely get John a call back for an interview, not you.

These are lighthearted suggestions and true experiences of how not to land the position you desire. Be sure to review your resume for accuracy and any missing information before submitting.