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Our Team


Mark Biggers

Proud father to twin boys Isaac & Eli.Definitely outkicked my coverage with my wife Jennifer.Have an awesome dog named Maple.On again off again runner.Go Cubs Go.People make the difference!

Kendall Georges
Executive Assistant

Disney obsessed wife of Patrick and mother of Evie who loves to cook (especially Haitian food), is always up for a good road trip, and abhors cilantro.

Jeff Hart
VP - Purchasing

Direct, slightly strong-willed, gym-addict, kid’s biggest sports fan, and more rarely than I would like non-committed golfer.

Travis Laurence
Vice President of Operations

God, family, friends & co-workers. Enjoy spending time w/ family, hunting, fishing, & football. Believes laughter is medicine for the soul. Helps others succeed. Fights to win.

Willis Tyler

Christian, Husband and Father. Enjoys antique shopping with Cristy, fishing with Reid, watching the StL Cardinals, cycling and clean cars!

Kevin Wooldridge
VP - Accounting & Distribution

G/F/W-Sports enthusiast-Often Netflix binger-Summers spent close to the cooler by the pool/beach-Be kind for no reason!

Accounting & Distribution

Chris Stevenson
Director of Inventory and Distribution

Meat & Potatoes Guy, Let’s go Fishing, Card Games (Poker/Spades), love dancing (Ballroom/Square Dance).

Human Resources

Allen Devereux
Human Resources Director

Avid reader, devourer of sushi and any form of protein, family man and someone who gets way too excited about super hero movies as an adult.


Bryan Tucker
IT Director

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Danial Reed
Marketing Director

Wife, Mother, Friend | Coffee Addict | Favorites: husband (Brian) and two boys (Jackson & Harrison), yoga, tennis, reading, live music, hiking & sunshine


Josh Ambrose
Regional Vice President

Husband/Father First of twins + 1, Movie Lover, Connoisseur of Craft Beverages, Star Wars Enthusiast, Deer Hunter, Live Music Fan and College Football Fanatic - WDE.

Matthew Carter
Regional Vice President

Jesus, family then work/I love serving/seeing others succeed/my job is a perfect fit/I strive to be a good husband/father/the person my dog thinks I am/I own a banjo/can’t play it

Matthew Gaskill
Regional Vice President

Husband to Renea, Super Dad to 7 & PopPop to 4. Classic car enthusiast, leaps to a slam dunk in a single bound. Dad jokes are my Kryptonite.

David Herriman
Regional Vice President

Best name Papa, enjoys faith-family-friends, sports fan, Loves anything chocolate and all ice cream, fan of Doo Wop music, Dream job would be in missions, “God reigns and the Son shines”

Bob Orr
Regional Vice President

Proud Father, Happy Husband, Somewhat Serious Skier, Craft Beer Enthusiast, Movie Buff, Avid Reader, Irish Rover, Cookie Monster.

Adam Phaneuf
Regional Vice President

Husband, proud dad of 5 great kids, avid reader, binge tv watcher, fan of all Boston sports teams.

Jeremy Reuben
Regional Vice President

Proud father of 2 beautiful girls, appreciative husband, fan of NY sports, Disney trips, and always looking for a reason to find a beach.

Steve Stock
Regional Vice President

Sports fan (The Ohio State University Buckeyes), Grandfather of six, Wannabe beach bum, Part time nerd.

David Thomas
Regional Vice President

Loving husband, dog dad, video game nerd, car enthusiast, team player, loves to laugh, probably takes lawn care a little too seriously.

Kevin Truelove
Regional Vice President

Follower of Christ, Avid Outdoorsman (some would say expert), Sports Junkie, Addicted to Football with no desire to recover, and Want to be Runner!

Thomas Williams
Regional Vice President


Steve Debber
Barton's Program Manager

Extremely Proud Dad of 3- 1 Son 2 Daughters all College Grads|All Animals are my friend|BBQ Anything|Waffle House Gourmet|Copy Cat Chef|Shark Tanker, NFL & Denver Broncos|Googler|News Junky

Todd Fleer
Assistant VP - Purchasing

Father of 2 Boys, Cardinals/Chiefs/Razorbacks Fan, Trout Fisherman, Outdoorsman, Golfer, Love to Grill, Traveler.

Steve Gage
Corporate Buyer

Man of faith and family, enjoy good food, good music, outdoors and hard work, hoping to build character and gain wisdom with a healthy balanced life.

Matt Gordon
Corporate Buyer

Enjoy watching my kids play sports, all outdoor activities, especially fishing. St.Louis Cardinals fan as well as Criminal minds and Law and Order.

Evan Harrison
Corporate Buyer

Food explorer, music lover, competitor, sports fan, home remodeling show addiction, exercise enthusiast, outdoors goer, enjoyer of cultural experiences.

Greg Peach
Corporate Buyer

Cody Powell
Corporate Buyer

Husband, Father of two. Golfer, outdoorsman, sports fan.

Jarrod Reece
Corporate Buyer

Child of God, Family Man, Happy Socks wearer, Lover of ALL things Cardinals, Razorbacks, and Bearcats, Sports Center Fanatic, and addicted to Travel Baseball.

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